Coachella 2009 Rumored Add-ons

So... as you know, the Coachella lineup was recently released and rumors are flying abound as to who will be added. Previous late additions to the lineup include Kanye West, Daft Punk, Madonna, and Prince, just to name a few. And since the Sahara tent looks pretty thin this year, there is definitely rumors as to who will be headlining that tent. Here are the recent names that are flying around.

Bruce Springsteen (Is on tour in Los Angeles April 15 and his schedule is open on the Coachella weekend)
Kanye West (I think he wants to be at every Coachella because he is cool...and is more popular than the last time he played. However, his Bonnaroo fiasco, might hold him back. Read That Story Here, and Kanye Fires Back at Bonnaroo)
Bloc Party (They are playing at the Hollywood Palladium April 15th, then Mexico City on the 17th, and April 20th in Oakland. Maybe stopping by Coachella?)
Hot Hot Heat
Britney Spears ( I know, I know, but everyone, including Yahoo.com notes that she is touring Los Angeles April 16th and 17th then to Anaheim 19th to 20th, so it leaves one to wonder)
The Chemical Brothers (Heavy rumor now, supposedly already signed, but we'll know when the day comes, Read more about The Chemical Brothers Add-on) Confirmed
Muse (been away awhile, and they are working on a new album)
U2 (Longshot, but they do have a new album coming out this year. Read U2 Headlining Coachella Rumor Here)
No Doubt (Was a huge rumor before they released the lineup and still is...since Coachella has been known to bring back bands that haven't played together in a while. They just announced a summer 2009 tour and headlining Bamboozle festival in NJ on May 3rd, but no dates previous...hrm?)
Blink 182 (Speaking of bands that haven't played in a while... I guess Travis Barker will already be there and their website alludes to a comeback in the summer or 2009)
Grace Jones (She has returned to the scene with a new album in almost 10 years)
Neil Young
David Bowie (Seems fitting for Saturday, and has always been on Coachella's wish list)
Armin van Buuren (no big name DJ has been booked this year)
Orbital (They have been booked for Sonar already)
Plump DJs (They ran into some immigration problems in the US in 02 so hopefully everything is taken care of now. Looks like this rumor may be coming true. Click for Plump DJs rumored add) Confirmed
Royksopp (New album on the way)
Mylo (Heard his new song and claims that he is back for a new album this year)
The Orb (heard this might actually be true) Confirmed
Etienne de Crécy (also heard this might be true too) Confirmed
The Prodigy (They have a new album out, but I'm gonna knock this one down... because last I heard, they weren't on good terms with the Coachella people)

Confirmed Add ons for Coachella
Check out the Art of Coachella video...from the makers of the Coachella movie.

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