10 Tips to Becoming A FAMOUS DJ

How to Become a Famous DJ

Over the years more and more people are becoming DJs, providing more competition for you. Are you tired of this and want to become famous already? Here are key items to becoming a famous DJ.

1) Produce
And make it epic. This is the most surefire way to become a famous DJ. When you think of going to an event to see a DJ, you usually go to see them because you know their songs. Every big DJ (Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Kaskade, Deadmau5, etc.) have awesome original material. So produce your butt off.

2) Produce Good Songs
I'm just saying this because there are a lot of hit songs that are utter crap. With that being said, producing catchy, pervasively-annoying sugar-coated songs can make you famous (if it gets into people's heads they're going to remember it). So you could make crap songs and be famous, but I would rather you make good songs and be famous. Seriously, I want to have more brain cells, not less.

3) Remix
If you're not quite there on making quality original material, then there is always remixing. There have been epic remixes that certainly have thrusted many DJs into the limelight (ie: Tiesto remixing Delerium, Eric Prydz doing Pink Floyd, Soulwax remixing Justice, MGMT).

4) Mash it Up
If you're not quite there on making epic remixes, then try your hand at mashing things up... Girl Talk got pretty famous for doing this... in fact that's all he does. However, there's already Girl Talk so try to mash-up something unique.

5) Put on an Awesome Show!
Don't just DJ... do something that will make you stand out. A DJ is a person who blends music together for the enjoyment of the audience. You want to do more than that if you want to be famous, especially for DJing. Make some awesome visuals, develop a persona, create your own ambiance and feel when you hit the stage. Whatever it is, just push a little bit more. When it comes down to it, you're there to entertain, and worrying about mixing songs together, comes second.

6) Mix Well
With that said, you should know how to mix, and your set should be smooth. I don't mind a few hiccups throughout a set, but if there's anymore than that, it shows that you haven't got the basics down first (I have seen famous producers try their hand at DJing, and they train-wrecked a lot---> lost a little respect for them).

7) Or Don't Mix at All
You could have your whole set pre-programed for all I care, as long it is entertaining and fluent (There are certainly acts these days where their whole set is pre-programmed (whom I won't name), but is offset by their amazing audio visual connection, so it doesn't matter).

8) Market Yourself
Like all things these days, you can produce utter crap music, but if you market yourself to the right audience with a wide enough target, it can propel you to stardom. This may take a lot of money and a lot of work, especially if you don't have investors behind you, but can payoff big.

9) Become a Radio or Internet DJ
This one may take a while, but if you become a regular internet DJ, and gain viewers, it'll help create some fans. Pete Tong, as an example is a very famous DJ who is known more for his stint on Radio One than for his own production and remixes... but then again there is really only one Pete Tong. On the flip side there are many internet DJs that are spawning and becoming semi-famous.

10) Date Someone Famous
Had to put this on here... but I honestly didn't know who Samantha Ronson (even though she's related to Mark Ronson) was until she dated that girl... what's here name?... oh yeah Lindsey Lohan.

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peopleinhollywood how to become famous said...

#8 market yourself! crucial stuff... nice list of tips.

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT stuff man ! I agree with everything!!! it reminds me of this other awesome blog i read called howtobeasuperstardj.com Check it out!

Anonymous said...

OOPS I meant howtobeadjsuperstar.com !!!!

Enoch Bassaw said...

https://soundcloud.com/enoch-bassaw/dj-multius-remix-track-4 listen to my tracks

Bryan Anther said...

Wow , I have been looking all website to find these tips . ;D Thank Bro !!!!

Jibran Qazi said...

As a former nightclub promoter, I can assure you that if you have a HIT song. You are going to be up and running in no time. Stromae with Alors on Danse or We no speak americano song. You remember that one? You don't have to get that massive but you need a hit. Once you do, you are set!

vikrant sharma said...


Sergio said...

GOOD EDM SOUNDS. CHECK IT OUT! https://soundcloud.com/sergioz-iga

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

#8 market yourself

I'm doing this, if anybody is interested...

Anonymous said...

A great website to be famous for free:

Anonymous said...

Fbfnrfsknb is awesomely crappy shtiry

Aditya Patel said...

Amazing tips to become DJ. Its a great stuff. I am always detached to SoundCloud

Md Wasim said...
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Md Wasim said...

Do it for music not for fame, djin is a passion n live it, don utilise fa fame n chics, make the ppl rave with da genre ya best in.....
Peace let the music surround ya.

sanket said...


Unknown said...

What about the rights of artist's songs? Can I remix them? Without any problems in future?

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