Album Review: Hot Since 82 - Little Black Book

Hot Since 82 - Little Black Book

Style: House, Tech
Pros: Good, mindless music
Cons: All songs seems to blend into on another, not necessarily a bad thing.
Overview: I've been hearing Hot Since 82 buzz for a year about now... and I wasn't necessarily sure who they were (sounds like a TV show). Anyways, Little Black Book reminds me of those clubbing nights that I used to attend a while ago.  I guess House music is starting to make a comeback (or has never really gone away).  Some people may find this album a bit repetitive.  However, it makes great background music and is definitely music to be boogied to at proper EDM clubs.
Tops Songs: This one is hard to make... no really, they all sound similar.
3.5 out of 5 vinyls

Hot Since 82 Website.

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