6 Reasons Why the Digital DJ is Taking Over

Sorry to all you vinyl lovers, but the digital age in the DJ world has finally come and it is conquering. Set-ups like the one Hedgehog is using above, is the future; kicking turntables and possibly CDJs aside. Here are 6 reasons the Digital DJ is taking over.

1) Vinyl is Dead.
Let's face it, its pretty expensive to buy vinyl. $10 for a song? Come on... When websites like iTunes and Beatport sell higher quality mp3s these days. It's also more expensive for the underground producer to make vinyl. To add to that, where the hell do you find vinyl stores anymore? Those stores have been closing left and right.

2) Panasonic killing off the Turntable.
Well, in Japan at least. Yes, Panasonic Japan announced they will discontinue the famous Technics line of turntables and accessories(I learned to DJ on those suckers).

3) Native Instruments and Serato
These two companies have been stepping it up in the digital world. Rolling out new software and equipment (like Traktor Kontrol S4 and Numark Ns7) which are finally starting to compete against high-end equipment like Pioneer's CDJs and mixers, for a lower price. Old school DJ's argue that these products are still toys... but Native Instruments and Serato are inching closer and ready to eclipse the former. Remember when CDJs came out and hardcore vinyl DJs were in uproar over CDs? Well this is the same thing, only with midi-controllers set to steal the spotlight.

4) Pioneer CDJ 2000's
Or any of the new line of CDJs. What I'm talking about is the fact that you can stick in a USB drive into it and never have to bring CDs. The Rekordbox feature that Pioneer has associated with it allows the CDJs to act like midi-controllers and not even be used for CDs... just another step in the digital future.

5) CDs are dying.
Seriously, when the only stores you can by CDs are Walmart, Target and Best Buy, you can bet those options aren't good for a DJ. Even at those stores, the CD section is rapidly getting smaller. Yes I know CDs are digital, but even more digital is buying music online (whatever that means).

6) Everything else is Digital.
Yes, it's the digital age.

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Phil Morse said...

I'll second that, but as editor of Digital DJ Tips, I would! :)

mcphil said...



Numark NS7FX Motorized DJ Software Performance Controller Features:

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Strip Search (patent pending) virtual-needle drop control
Controls most MIDI applications without requiring a mouse or a keyboard
Rugged, all-metal construction
Integrated laptop stand
Fits in NS7 Case (sold separately) for protection in transit to the gig
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Support for Whitelabel.net files in ITCH
Mix using either 33rpm or 45rpm speeds
Numark NS7FX Motorized DJ Software Performance Controller Includes:

NS7 performance software controller, NSFX effects controller, two turntable platters, spindle wrench, spindle screw, Allen wrench, laptop stand, USB cable, power cable, software CD, and quick start poster


dj laptop stand said...

Early in my career I dealt with 45's and albums. Crates upon Crates of discs that I lugged to and from the van. Most of the albums had only one song on it that I would be using. Many discs I had not used for months. You have got to have them all because after all, tonight might be the night that somebody requests that one song on that long forgotten disc. I have backaches to this day just thinking about it.

Unknown said...

I like then closing comment, "It's the digital age" Welcome to the WORLD OF TOMORROW!!! XD