10 Best Albums of 2013

I just realized I listened to over 60 new albums this past year (hey, for a non-credited music journalist that's a lot). So many albums, so many had high expectations. Ahem, Daft Punk I'm looking at you! It was tough whittling it down to a top 10, well actually there's 11.  So you won't see Katy Perry, Gaga, Britney or Beyonce on this list... and yes, incase you were wondering I did listen to those albums from beginning to end.

The hardest part of this list was actually putting them in order, which meant I had to listen to these albums over and over again... there is really no merit to it though, because they are pretty much interchangeable.

Anyways here are my favorite albums of 2013.

10) (tie) St. Lucia - When the Night
It's got that M83 sound-a-like going for it. Plus, a little Synth Rock 80s action always helps.

10) (tie) HAIM - Days Are Gone
These sisters managed to climb on top the music radar late in the year... I'm glad they did.

9) Mat Zo - Damage Control
The first EDM artist on this list. Mat Zo made an incredibly different album from the rest of the Dance scene, which is why I like it.
8) Rudimental - Home
Rudimental had a huge song last year with John Newman called Feel the Love... In 2013, Home presented more than that.

7) Lorde - Pure Heroine
This 17 year old shot to the top of the charts late in the year... and for good reason. She's majorly different and unique from the current teenage Pop status.

6) Maya Jane Coles - Comfort
She's been a DJ for quite some time... but her album Comfort reminds me of a smooth stripped down evolving House music.

5) BT - A Song Across Wires
BT has been away from the spotlight for some time.  A Song Across Wires is a great blend of the more popular Dance music style with BT's more unique and punchy nature.

4) Bastille - Bad Blood
One of the more interesting surprises of 2013.  Though, what's with not being able to embed some of their videos?

3) Charlie XCX - True Romance
What's weird is that I don't like that song she did with Icona Pop, but I find this album interesting. I hope she does more of this than Dance Pop stuff... Though I guess the record label would think otherwise.

2) Disclosure - Settle
Just really good minimal House music.
1) Sub Focus - Torus
This album has it all, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, House, Synth Indie Pop. The best part is that it all works.

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