9 Tips to DJ Long Sets

We all know that Armin van Buuren and John Digweed has DJ'd sets up to eight hours long. And I think I've read somewhere that Richie Hawtin and Sven Vath played a set over 20 hours. Also, I think the Guinness record is something like 116 hours. Yep, 116... Assuming you don't want to end up in the Guinness Book of Records or probably even play for an entire day here are some tips to DJ that long set.

1) Don't...
I honestly don't see the point in DJing a long set unless you're bored with your DJ life. I would rather witness an awesome two hour set (or even an hour set) than an okay two hours in an eight hour set. Most of your fans will probably only stay around for a few hours at most, anyway.

2) Eat Something...
If you are pushing towards the eight hour DJ set, then you should definitely have some snacks. DJing totally depletes your system... You don't want to keel over in the eight hour.

3) Have a Back Up DJ.
Seriously, if you DJ that long, you will get tired. And you might need a break. So if you have someone that you can trust to mix some songs (when you need to get a short rest), that would be greatly advised.

4) Know where the Bathrooms are.
Yeah, you might have to use it, especially if you've been DJing for a long time. You could always pee into a water bottle (let's hope it's not number 2, then you might have to play a long song).

5) Use Earplugs.
If you are a professional DJ, that DJ's all the time, then you might already have custom earplugs. Just take into consideration that music that loud and for a long time can't be good for your ears.

6) Get a Chair.
I don't know about you, but standing up for hours upon hours makes my legs tired. So you might want to sit down every now and then. Although, you might look like a DJ who's not really into DJing.

7) Caffeine Intake.
Always good if you need it. Just moderate it so it lasts the entire set (You don't want to have a caffeine crash during the middle of your eight hour DJ set).

8) Lay off the Alcohol.
It may be fine for shorter sets, but once the special effects of alcohol wear off, you get tired quickly. So I wouldn't suggest it unless you can handle it.

9) Don't Waste Your Big Songs too Soon.
When you have a long set you are going to play a boat load of music, so make sure you start it off right and make good use of your songs. Although, most likely, people coming into the eight hour of your DJ set probably don't know what songs you played in the beginning, and vice versa.

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