Why It Sucks to Become A DJ... Now

So you want to be a DJ?

I, for one, am not going to stop you... because you're probably awesome at it, and can make ton of money. However, over the past few years the DJ scene has exploded and the times have changed... which has made it easier and tougher to become a DJ (that's like an oxymoron). Today, I'm specifically talking about the tougher route, the glass half empty, if you will...

Here are 7 reasons is sucks to become a DJ... Now:

1) Everybody Wants to be a DJ
Yes, everybody and your mom wants to DJ. So now you have to stand out even more, to get noticed. Any DJ can mix on the one's and two's, it's where you take your audience is what's going to get you far.

2) Technology has Made it easier to DJ
This is good and bad, but mostly bad... because every idiot who downloads from iTunes thinks they can DJ since there is software that will supposedly mix for them with the push of a button (as so they think). What happened to learning to beat match properly, anyhow?

3) You Have to Stand Out More
...to get noticed as a DJ. Like I said before... you have to become unique, push the creative boundaries to rise to the top amongst the drones of other DJ wannabes.

4) More Creative Sets
Gone are the days of just sliding the fader over and mixing a song. No putting a vinyl down, cue-ing it up with your headphone, then mixing it in. That has since long been gone. You want people to remember you (and hopefully not for your crap mixing er song choice).

5) You have to Produce or Remix
To get noticed. I cant think of any of the top 20 or 50 or even top 100 DJs in the world that don't create their own songs. It doesn't technically have to be your own songs, (like song masher Girl Talk, but he already does that, so pick something different)... but it does have to be good.

6) You Have to Adapt with the Times
I'm not saying you should shudder your style if it isn't relevant, I am just saying be aware. If you are fine with heading into a style that many people aren't into, then "may the force be with you."--or whatever quote deserves to said there. Electro and Dubstep are on fire right now, but how long will that last? Trance was the huge thing few years ago. I remember Tiesto and Oakenfold were huge a few years ago (I know they're still big), and now it's like Deadmau5 and David Guetta. Anyways, that's why you notice some of the other DJs that were popular have faded away (they either switched up their style or didn't adapt the new style). Just look at the lineups for your biggest shows, and notice which DJs are top billed and used to be top billed.

7) Mainstream Music Is Over Saturated with Dance Music
This is good, in that electronic music is hitting the forefront. However, the draw back is that mainstream is starting to get sick of it, especially when most of the dance songs on the radio are not that great, or utter rip-offs of great underground dance songs. I guess it's not that bad, if you want to hear people requesting every Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas song. But you know what, this is where you jump in, and make a bad-ass unique song that people wont get tired of quickly.

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