7 Tips to Make Money DJing

7 Tips to Make Money DJing

Okay so you're starting to DJ out and wondering if there is any money in it. You eventually would like to make more money than just a free drink at the bar. Well, here are some tips on making money as a DJ.

1) Make a name for yourself
I know this is a very obvious tip, but it is true... The more people who know you as a DJ, the more work you can get. Whether this be through the songs you produce or your awesome DJ skills, making a name for yourself is one great way to get money moving for you.

2) Network
This means going out to events and networking with promoters or just people in general. Send letters, set up interviews to the bars and clubs that would most like your style of music. It's just like getting a real job, you have to go out there and apply.

3) Don't be Afraid to play Cheese music
Most people don't want to admit it, but when you drop a Pop tune with a fun beat, they'll start dancing. And alas, people are there just to have a good time anyway, so why not a little cheesy music once in a while? ---as long as it fits the vibe.

4) Get your own equipment (or have friends in which you can borrow).
Yes some bars and clubs already have good equipment set up, but if you're starting out it may be hard getting those gigs, anyhow. Plus, DJ equipment at bars, no matter how state of the art they may be, are usually worn out and missing a few knobs by the time you start spinning. Getting your own equipment can also be a huge investment, but it's a lot easier getting jobs where the promoter or event producer doesn't have to worry about those extra costs (You're like a one stop shop; "DJ... check")

5) Start Small
Okay, so you probably wont be able to play at a packed venue starting off. But you should gain experience by playing a lot of smaller events, like parties, art shows, lounges, anything that will help you understand the feedback you get from the audience. You could possibly do weddings, which pays pretty well, however, you must really have to like Pop music from the decades past, even the cheesiest ones. Also, you have to be complacent with taking requests (tips on dealing with Requests). The one good thing about DJing a wedding is that you quickly understand why certain songs make people dance, and others don't.

6) Make people Dance
Yes it's obvious, but if you're a DJ that's your job. If you make people have a great time, then they'll remember you and possibly consider you for something else. Secondly, if more people are having a good time, then the more likely they'll come back and spend money... and that makes the promoter happy. And you know who'll they'll want to DJ again? You..

7) Bring Mix CDs
If you aren't doing so... you should bring a few of your Mix CDs to the gig incase you gain a few new fans. This goes for any other type of promotional memorabilia. Who doesn't like free giveaways anyway?

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Richard said...

Everybody has to start somewhere, best advice to DJs is to learn there music and network with other DJs in their area. Great post!