Album Review: Hospitality - Drum & Bass 2010

Hospitality - Drum & Bass 2010

Style: Drum and Bass.
Pros: Great mix of songs.
Cons: Not much that I can think of...
Overview: This is a "best of" Drum and Bass for Hospital records 2010, so it's kind of unfair. If you unfamiliar with them, Hospital is the Drum and Bass label that includes the likes of High Contrast, Sub Focus, Danny Byrd and many others.

If you like that liquid style of Drum and Bass and don't already have these songs, then this is definitely a must buy. Especially since, it's only $5.99 on iTunes for 26 unmixed songs and also a mixed version by DJ Stanza. Can't beat that... and yes it does include that famous new Underworld track, Scribble, produced by High Contrast (which was my song of the month a few months ago).
Top Songs: Too many to name here.
4.5 out of 5

Hospital Records Website.

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