6 Reasons Why You're Not A Famous DJ, Yet.

So, if you're not yet content with just being a resident DJ at some club or bar, and want to take it to the next level… perhaps the Guetta or Afrojack level, here are 6 Reasons You're NOT a Famous DJ Yet.

1) You Don't Produce Music
 Seriously, how many famous DJ's do not make records? Very, very few. Even then, they have some knowledge of music production. Yes, if you are rich and can afford to hire producers for you (ahem, yes there are some famous DJ's that do this) that's one way to do it… but I rather you not take that route. Because it will blow up in your face when your fans find out.

2) You Don't Produce Good Music.
So, you DO make your own songs and remixes, but still haven't got any traction? Hate to break it to you, but it has to be good. Actually, not good, but exceptional… I mean there are a lot of good sounding songs out there, however, you have to stand out from the pack. Madeon and Zedd each entered remix contests and wiped the floor with their unique sounds. You have to be on 'that' level if you want to spice up your DJ career. If you're not there, just keep practicing until you master your own sound.

3) You Produce Good Music, But No One Wants to Hear it.
You can make the most unique sounding noise, but you still have to cater to an audience. It is great that you make music for yourself, but if you want to go anywhere in today's scene, you also have to make music for that said audience. You shouldn't always be making music that's perhaps twenty steps ahead of the curve, you need to find that comfortable place where you are just one step ahead. And never be behind the curve either, then you'll just look like you're trying to be like someone else.

4) You Spend Too Much Time Thinking You're Awesome
When you're not. Even if you do become a Famous DJ you should never have an ego that big, then you'll stop learning and evolving as an artist. You'll be famous for 5 minutes, then the rest of the Dance (and now Pop) world will forget about you. You'll have to be always learning your craft.

5) You Worry You'll Never Make It
Just like any career or dream choice, stop treating it as if it's some competition. It's just life. Yes, there are a lot of aspiring DJs and producers. So what if you don't make it? Just be the best DJ and make the best music you can so you don't look back thinking "you could've done better."

6) Because Being a DJ is Overrated
Yeah, DJing itself will only take you so far. When I go to see a DJ, it's usually because they've produced some kick ass songs. And with the advent of technology, it doesn't matter if you're using CDJs, or vinyl, or a computer, we just want to see a kick-ass show with those kick-ass songs, making a kick-ass night, that is hopefully not a pre-recorded set.

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