8 Signs It's Time to Quit the Club Scene

So You've been clubbing for a while now and it has dawned on you that "a while," is actually "a great while." Now you're beginning to wonder if the club scene is still for you, even though you love it, just like it was yesterday when you walked into your first club. Or do you? Well, here are 8 signs that it's time to quit the club scene.

1) You wonder if you've been clubbing too long.
Once that thought enters you're brain... then, yes, it is getting to that time when the club scene is getting too young for you.

2) You hate the people at the club.
I'm sorry it's true. When you once thought it was a great place full of awesome people becomes a place where annoying, sweaty people bump into you (that's never a fun realization).

3) You've seen it all.
Despite you're best efforts, you've already seen your favorite DJs and artists many times over that you're really starting to double think if you should go out again.

4) You'll only Attend if "so and so" is playing at a discount price.
When you've seen it all, you would rather just get in for a cheaper price to see the same artists that you've paid full price many times over before.

5) You'll only go if it's Free.
What's cheaper than discounted tickets? Free, of course.

6) You're old clubbing friends ask "if you still go clubbing?"
That usually means they moved on with their life, while you are still hitting up the clubs every night a week.

7) You're The Oldest one in the Room.
Kinda says it all.

8) You stopped Dancing long ago.
What happened? You got old? You've become no fun? It's pretty lame if you go to dance clubs and not dance.


Anonymous said...

I liked your post :) But what if you feel all of the above and you're only 21? lol.

Anonymous said...

Its true, I myself have felt over the last few months this, last night was when I realized im over it. I don't want to go to a loud club and try to pick up. The only way I can enjoy those places is if you get really drunk or are on some pills, either of each I no longer do.

As sad as it is to admit to some people to me its no big deal.