8 Things to Remember When DJing a Party

So you have finally graduated from the bedroom DJ and now looking forward to DJing at your first party. Well, here are eight things to remember when you DJ your first party.

1) Prepare your set. Make sure the event or party that you are DJing at, welcomes the music that you play. You don't want to show up at the party and all you have is electronic house music, when they really want hip hop (I've been there, although to my credit, they did ask for dance music before hand).

2) Don't Over Prepare your set. Seriously, don't plan your entire set before hand. Just get a sense of when and what songs you definitely want to spin. The audience will tell you the rest.

3) Start off slow. I don't mean slow as in boring, but usually when you begin the night you don't want to use your biggest dance songs right up front. Especially if the the night is still young and the dance floor is still empty. The crowd has to warm up first and so should you.

4) Keep it safe at first. Use songs that you know and are very familiar with, so it eases you into a rhythm, making you feel more comfortable. Then, slowly push the envelope if you must.

5) Watch Your Audience. This is important because you don't want to unload a crazy electro, Justice mash up, when everyone is lounging around and sipping martinis. You're audience will tell you what music will fit the vibe of the place.

6) Listen to Requests. But you don't have to take them. When you DJ at a party people will come up to you and request crazy songs that have nothing to do with your set or style of music. Just beware and don't take it personally. If you have the song they requested, and it fits the vibe of what you're playing, then play the song later (Click Here for more on how to deal with requests).

7) Sound System Shock. You'll notice some songs go over well, and some actually going over really well. This is where you'll notice the big anthems, get even bigger. Then you'll also notice that some songs that you thought were good, didn't really go over as well as you expected.

8) Drink Alcohol. Actually I wouldn't advise it. If you need to defeat those nerves when you DJ at your first party, just jump up and down or do warm ups like what players do before a game. Just do anything that will "psych" you into the zone, to take you away from how crappy a DJ you really are (just kidding). Alcohol may help calm you down a little, but just be sure to only drink a little or else... you can guess what could happen.

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djnthando.com said...

I am really liking reading this Blog!!!! It's reminding me of a lot of my faults and trips in a light educative way!!! Keep it up!!!

ThisIsNotMyName said...

Thank You!

OnTheHouse said...

"to take you away from how crappy a DJ you really are (just kidding)"

no you're not aaahahahah