5 Types of Idiots that Request Songs When DJing

So you've been DJing for a while now, and you notice people having a good time. Then, there are those select few, that come up to your DJ booth and request songs. Now, not all requests are bad... some people actually have good requests. However, there are others that just wont quit until they have it their way. Don't let it get you down, and don't let it blow your night just because of a few people. So as promised from my How to Deal with DJ Requests article, here are the worst types of people that requested songs while DJing.

1) The Bitchy, Stuck-up Pop Princess (also in male form).
You know the one... When you play dance music, like I do, they automatically ask for anything from Britney Spears or Beyonce. And when you don't have it, they make a fit about it. Saying something like, the "DJ is mean," just because you don't have pop music or wont play it.

2) The Not Hip, Not in Shape, Older Lady.
She is that one person that can't seem to dance to your music at all, even though the rest of the dance floor is packed. She requests a song that has, in no way, anything to do with what's going on. Often says, "Can you play something I can dance to?" And her requests are so vague like something slow and disco-ish. Whatever the hell that means. And you come to later realize, that "slow" means not anything you can work up a sweat, but more like a Prom dance ballad. As if...

3) The Hip Hop Bro.
This guy actually isn't all that bad... if it wasn't for the fact that you're not playing Hip Hop. Usually, he'll just ask you once, and be cool that you don't have it, then move on. There's always one of these guys at every party you play, no matter what type of music you're playing. Just a reminder.

4) The Not Cool Lady that Won't Give Up.
She is the lady that will request a song that you don't have and get mad, then run off into the crowd only to return a few minutes later to request another song that you don't have. She'll get mad again, then go back into the crowd, then come back a few minutes later... You get the point. This will continue throughout the night until you bitch her off. Or you could just ignore her.

5) The Dumb Drunk Douche That Wants it His Way.
My Favorite. He will come up to you and request a song that is totally the opposite of what you're playing, and if you don't have it, he doesn't care. He well tell you "to make it happen." And when he notices you have a computer, he'll demand you download the song while you are playing, even though there is no internet service available. Or he will ask you to get someone to go to the record store and buy it. Then he will go on and on about how you're not a cool DJ for not having this song and shout out falsified facts like "this group's album sold over a million copies this week", even though you read the Billboard charts and it wasn't even in the top two for the week. So at this point you must retain yourself from punching the lights off of this idiot, as you know the rest of the crowd is enjoying the dance floor.

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