Album Review: MSTRKRFT - Fist of God

Fist of God, the latest album from the Canadian duo, MSTRKRFT, plays a lot with the "at-the-moment" French-techno house movement. The difference between them and some one like Justice or Boys Noize, is how they structure the four-to-the-floor (yes... house beat) hits with in their songs, instead of repetitive blaring beats most accompanied with this genre.

I did like this album upon first listen. And find it a good one to work out to, since it is also somewhat a mix album. However, after listening to it a few times, I found some of the songs to get tiresome. I guess it has short shelf life. A lot of people like the song Bounce. I am still on the fence with that song, since it is similar to a LMFAO song (and I don't care for them). But I must admit Bounce has some good hooks and makes you want to "party." Heartbreaker, featuring John Legend, is by far the most pop, but also the best. It's repetitive vocals and seamlessly catchy melodic structure gets into your brain long after you've listened to it.

Fist of God, presents a pretty good standard by those MSTRKRFT guys, and would definitely be something good to hit the gym with.
Top Songs: Vuvuvu, Heartbreaker, Breakaway
3.5 out of 5

Pretty Cool: John Legend joined MSTRKRFT on stage at Coachella

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