9 Reasons Why You Shouldn't DJ

9 Reasons Why You Shouldn't DJ.

So everyone wants to become a DJ these days. And it's even got you jumping on the bandwagon because it looks so glamorous and fun. Glamor and fun, huh? That doesn't sound too bad. However, before you tread down this DJ path here are 9 reasons you shouldn't become a DJ:

1) You want to be a Rock star.
DJ's aren't rock stars. Yes I do know every DJ has an inner rock star. However, if you see yourself as this huge rock star status DJ, you should just learn to play the guitar and drums. Yes, it's much more challenging to learn the guitar and drums, but that's part of what it takes to become a rock star.

2) You want to be Famous.
Similar to above. DJing itself will not make you famous. There are only a handful of DJs that are even remotely famous for their DJing, but that's mostly through a lot of hard work and time.

3) You are Famous.
I'm not gonna start bashing celebrities who become DJs... But honestly, just because you are a celebrity that doesn't mean you're a good DJ.

4) You don't know what a Train wreck is.
Yes, I've seen... er heard them all to much before. Where seemingly "I'm cool because I DJ" type of people train wreck every song they bring in. The best (or worst) part of it is that they are completely oblivious to it and continue jumping and dancing as if everything is perfect. If you can't hear you own train wrecks that is a major problem. Those people in the crowd aren't making that face because they are constipated, they just heard your 10th train wreck.

5) You have no Style.
Every DJ has a certain style of music they play. Each song they throw down fits in the grand scheme of their set. Even the good DJ's that play from all over the board can manage to make those odd songs fit in their set. However, on the flip side, I've also heard other DJ's that play random songs from every which way that it totally kills the vibe.

6) You don't listen to the Songs you DJ.
Like above, you have to know your songs. You should never play a song just because you like it. You have to listen to the song and understand where it fits in correlation to your other songs. You have to understand where you'd mix it in and mix it out, find the strenghts of the song, and... I could go on about this...

7) You think it's Easy.
Well, with technology these days it has been a lot easier (I still think people should learn how to mix the old-school way). However, even with computers and software, it's not just something you pick up and people will praise you. It takes a lot of practice and you should work hard to be good, especially since there are a lot of people that want to become DJs.

8) Easy Money.
Sure, if you can market yourself well, especially something that doesn't showcase your DJing skills (like celebrity or being a hot girl DJ), you could do decently well with not a lot of effort. However, most of those people don't get any respect. Once you build your style, niche, and have a good network of people who genuinely like the music you play... Then it will come.

9) You'd only DJ if you get paid.
You should be doing this because you like to do this. You like to make people dance and have a good time. That's it.

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