Tips on How to become a Superstar DJ

So you want to become a superstar DJ? Make it to the big time? You want you're name to be embroidered in that super club in Ibiza or Miami? Getting bored of just jockeying in your bedroom? Well, here are some tips for the perseverant newbie that wants to break out of the bedroom and into the club atmosphere.

1) Learn to Mix if you already haven't (Obvious tip I know, but some people don't know how to mix songs and want to DJ). Check out Beat Matching Tips.

2)Network. Go to your favorite clubs, bars, lounge, and chat up the people. Be friendly and get to know the staff or promoters. Notice if your style of music would match the vibe of the place.

3) Make a mix CD. When you network, you obviously need a calling card. They won't just let any hibbity-whoo spin in their club without hearing any of their stuff. Make sure you keep it in your style. If you've never made a mix CD don't throw in every song you've ever liked (Unless of course that is your style).

4) Practice anywhere. Well almost anywhere that will let you. If you can't get into the clubs, how about friends' parties, maybe even work parties, or show openings. Some of these will probably be painful, but sometimes it's an experience to learn from(ie: "Do you have the new Britney?"). You'll start to notice which songs hit and which ones don't (even when you have to drop a very annoyingly cheesy song to get the crowd going). Remember, you are a DJ because you want to liven the crowd not necessarily to go off and do your own thing. Or at least you are not there yet.

5) Produce and remix songs. Do you know a superstar DJ that doesn't produce his or her own music? Exactly. Get down with the programs, and start learning how to create or remix music. Making a great remix is a surefire way to get noticed. When I mean great, I mean maximum exposure great. Look at Tiesto, his remix of that Delerium/Sarah McLachlan song shot him straight to the top. As for producing, Justice's Cross album made them a phenomenon. Now, they are booked across the board, DJing tons of events. I saw their name top billed in Southern California like 5 or 6 times this past year. Acidplanet holds contests all the time. You can also do bootleg remixes, I am not telling you to do this, but there have been many famous bootleg remixes that were so great that labels signed off on it (after some agreenment over payment of course). Danger Mouse did a bootleg remix of that entire Jay-z album. Some say, it became more popular than the actual album, thanks to the digital age.

6) Attend major events like NAMM or Winter Music Conference and network your balls off. Make sure you have your marketing material with you. After all, you are spending all that money to be there, it would be retarded if you didn't bring any promotional items.

7) Niche. Niche. Niche. There's a billion trance DJs and house DJs. What sets you apart from the others? Make sure you have a definitive style, not just trying to be a clone of someone else. Especially make sure your style brings people to the dance floor (bedtime sleepy music isn't going to cut it).

8) Get on the internet. Promote yourself, blog, Myspace, Facebook get the promotion going.

9) Get on the air. If you can get your material to radio DJ's like BBC's Radio One, or even internet radio would be a huge step. If you are in Los Angeles, KCRW might be worth a try.

10) Perseverance. If you still haven't made it big after being successful in all these tips. Then well, it's either your DJing sucks or your music does. It's time to hang up those turntables. You just have to keep working harder to get to the audience that suits you. You have to gain an audience over time, not over night.

That's all the tips I have for now. Now get out there and become a Superstar DJ. Just give me my 10 percent for following my advice. That's all I ask.

Bonus: Once you make it, you have to work on your signature hand move. You can do the god-like hands in the air, or the one finger in the air, or maybe make a heart with your hands together. Oh wait that's all taken.

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TwistedLamb said...

Just learn to make your own music with Abelton Live...the words spinning and DJ aka disk jockey are so over.

Music producers playing their own music at parties are the new rockstars. No more fakesters trying to look cool as they pretend to play music they bought.

Anonymous said...

Marylee has no appreciation for performance.