Album Review: VHS or Beta - Bring On the Comets

VHS or Beta was all the rave back in the 80's. Deciding which tape format to purchase. Beta was actually better in quality that VHS. That was until a major industry jumped on the VHS bandwagon. Oh, this is supposed to be about the band VHS or Beta, not the tape format war. Well then, in their latest effort, the band VHS or Beta, brings back their signature 80's influenced dance pop indie music. It is not exactly on par with their previous offering, Night on Fire, but it holds up pretty well. I don't want to say their music is pop or electro or dance or even rock; it is a blending of them all. It is hard to categorize their style of music because at times their songs sound close to a mainstream hit, offering an array of sweeping synth pads and catchy lyrics. However, they have yet to be found on the mainstream air waves. Which is good I say. To wrap, Bring On the Comets is a nice, strong offering. You can check out their music on their Myspace.
TOP TUNES: Burn it All Down, they all sound good.
3.5 out of 5

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