Plump DJs to be added to Coachella 2009?

Although I am not exactly 100% sure about this, when I was putting together the facts, it does lean towards the Plump DJs making their first United States appearance in about 10 years.

Why do I believe this? Well, according to Coachella Digital (Coachella's new online magazine), which was released yesterday, Paul Tollet is quoted as saying "Some other acts were waiting on their visas to get approved." Then the article went on to say, "In fact, as of this announcement one more DJ duo was awaiting their passport stamp before being offically added to the line-up."

What duo? I wonder who could that be?

Now, if you head on over to the Plump DJs Myspace blog, they stated on March 2, 2009, "we are coming to the US and Canada this year!!!!! Visa applications have been accepted after 10 years of trying."

So if you add them together it seems like a sure bet that the Plump DJs will be back on American soil, and kick off their tour with a Coachella music festival appearance. Then again it could be some other DJ duo, that I can't recall...

UPDATE: they have been added to Sunday.

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