Coachella Checklist

So the Coachella music festival is coming up and you are running around hectic as to what you are gonna bring to the event. Here is a checklist of items and tips that you should consider in order to enjoy your favorite bands at the Coachella music festival.

1) Water - Yes, you'll be thirsty.
2) Sunblock - its gets pretty hot there, 90˚-100˚ average during this time of year.
3) Sunglasses - I'd say bring your cheaper ones, unless you're rich and don't care about your sunglasses. It gets bright and hot out there, so sunglasses is a must.
4) Comfortable Shoes - You'll be walking around a lot, the stages aren't that close to each other.
5) Minimal Clothes - But have enough on so you don't scare people (It's not Burning Man).
6) Skip the Alcohol - Seriously, unless you're crazy, the alcohol and the hot desert sun will drain you faster than a bolt of lightning with Drano in it.
7) ID - well that is if you decide you want to drink, despite my advice.
8) Chapstick - your lips need protection to.
9) Ibuprofen - Sometimes you get a headache from all that sun and people.
10) Eat Something - You need energy, so don't expect to go on all day and night without food. You don't have to eat huge meals, but something in the stomach is better than nothing.
11) Cash - They have ATMs. However, it's much more convenient to bring cash, and bring enough of it for multiple waters and food.
12) Stage Courtesy - don't be a douche and push your way to the front of the stage while blocking other people's view, when they've been waiting there much longer than you have (you wouldn't want that to happen to you).
13) Print out Set List times - and fold it in your pocket so you can no when your favorite bands are playing and on what stage. They usually have pocket pamphlets at the festival at one of the vendors.
14) Expect Traffic - Yes there will be traffic. Worst times are from 3 pm to 7 pm.
15) Fully Charged Cellphone - You're going to be texting a lot in order to meet up with your friends.
16) Camera - In case you want to take pictures. Although, I don't think you are allowed to bring in those SLR cameras for you photo enthusiasts.
17) Earplugs - unless you plan on being really far away from the stage.
18) Bacterial Wipes - You've just spent an entire day in the sun with thousands of other sweaty and gross people.
19) Toilet Paper - If you have to go, you have to go. They may not have toilet paper in those port-a-potties.
20) Gatorade - helps replenish all that salt you lost.
21) Condoms - I don't know where you'd do it though, but better be safe than sorry.
22) Gold Bond - Some people apparently get too dry out there and feel a little chafed.
23) Rest - rest when you can, between bands, so you'd feel more energy later.
24) Smile - well you don't have to look like a freak, but just take pride that everyone's there to have fun, so don't be a downer.
25) Tickets - Check, re-check, and check again, before you leave your home. It would totally suck to show up at Coachella and don't have your tickets.

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