Kanye booed off stage at Bonnaroo

According to E!, Kanye West was supposed to go onstage at 8:15. However, Kanye's special Glow in the Dark tour light show, apparently needs more darkness to get the full effect. So the West camp asked to push back his gig to 2:45 am, after the headliner Pearl Jam. However, when 2:45 rolled around, Kanye did not take the stage. He didn't take the stage any time soon after that. In fact, it was only until 4:30 am that Kanye made his entrance. But, by then, many of the festival goers, were sleeping in their tents. The rest that decided to stay up, were disappointed by what they saw. And if they were expecting some kind of apology for his tardiness they didn't get it.
It is a shame to hear this news because I enjoyed him when he was at Coachella a few years ago. Even though he was a last minute add on, only had a half hour slot, and didn't have this Glow in the Dark tour visuals.

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Kanye Fires Back at Bonnaroo

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