Movie Review: The Reader

Directed by Stephen Daldry, the man who brought us Billy Elliot, The Reader is a far cry from the feel-good uplifting sentimentality of that film. It is dark, lonely, depressing and well... about love.
The Reader is a film based off of the novel of the same name, by Bernhard Schlink. It is the last film for producers Anthony Minghella and Syndey Pollack who both died before the film was released.
Yes, there are slow parts and yes there is a lot of nudity, much more than I would probably like to have known about the actors. However, it all makes for a deep and well performed movie. I must admit, The Reader isn't really my cup of tea when it comes to movies, but what does shine is the performances of the two lead actors, Kate Winslet and David Cross. Kate Winslet surely deserves the Oscar nomination and may actually win. And if you don't know, The Reader is also nominated for best cinematography, best adapted screenplay, best director, and best picture.
3 out of 5

Running time 124 min.
Budget $32 million
US Gross: $12,655,858 (as of 2-3-09 limited release)
International Gross: $10,580 (as of 2-3-09 limited release)
Total Gross: $12,666,438 (as of 2-3-09 limited release)

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