The Chemical Brothers added to Coachella 2009?

So the rumor is that The Chemical Brothers will be added to the Coachella line up for 2009. I have been hearing some reliable news that there may actually be some truth to this rumor. So you can either believe this article or just take it with a grain of salt.

I know they've played at Coachella before, but they do put on a good show. The last time they were at Coachella, they played on the main stage. Which was cool. So, I am not sure if they would headline the Sahara tent or still play on the main stage. And also whether, they'd be fitting for Saturday or Sunday, which seems more likely than a Friday appearance.

Anyways, more will come, in the weeks or days ahead, as to whether The Chemical Brothers rumor holds any truth.

Update: According to Coachella Digital, Coachella's new online magazine, The Chemical Brothers have been confirmed.

In the new Coachella Ad, Block Rockin Beats is playing in the background, so hrm...
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Chad said...

Actually the Chems played Coachella in 1999, 2001, 2002, and 2005. They played main stage in 2002 and Sahara in 2005. They are LONG overdue to rock that desert again!

"We're coming back...we're coming back...we're coming back...."

It's sad to see every year having less electronic acts/dj's and more focus on indie one-hit-wonder, huge-this-year-but-forgotten-by-next-year garbage. They have 5 stages, why can't Sahara stay electronic?

ThisIsNotMyName said...

I forgot about the Sahara in 05. They'd probably headline it this year too.