Movie Review: RocknRolla

Where has Guy Ritchie been all these years? Well, he got married to Madonna and made that one movie, Swept Away, and there went his career. Now, since they are apart, Guy Ritchie dips back into the style we once new from him - the quick-mouthed, crime-syndicate, type of movies that made him famous (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch).
Starring Gerald Butler, Tom Wilkinson, and Thandie Newton, RocknRolla is a quick-mouthed British crime caper, that puts Guy Ritchie back in the spotlight. Also back, is his quick cuts and over-the-top stylized fashion. Although, sometimes this can be a bit much even when he also over-contrasts the look of the film.
However, despite his over-the-top style, RocknRolla still holds up. I mean it isn't as engaging or slick as Snatch, but it is definitely a step back into Guy Ritchie's style.
3 out of 5

Running time 114 min.
US Gross: $5,700,626
International Gross: $13,793,030
Total Gross: $19,493,656

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