Amy Winehouse Replacement Rumor at Coachella

Who should replace Amy Winehouse at Coachella?

As you all know by now, and I'm betting you're not surprised, Amy Winehouse has cancelled her Coachella appeareance (Coachella Website). It has something to do with being unable to get her U.S. work visa because of an assault charge filed last week. Anyways, rumors are now abound as to who should become her replacement. It's back to the rumor drawing board (click here for more rumored add-ons). I'm leaning towards The Chemical Brothers, since they are already heavily rumored to play at Coachella anyway (more on The Chemical Brothers rumor).
Update: they have just been confirmed.

And some of you might be wondering maybe they can get U2 to perform, since Coachella now has extra money laying around. Wishful thinking, but so far they are still open on the Coachella weekend.

Update Again: M.I.A. has just been confirmed. Click here for more info.

Who do you think would be a good replacement for her?

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