M.I.A Replacing Winehouse at Coachella 2009?

Yes, it is true. According to the Coachella website, as of this morning, Amy Winehouse has been officially replaced by M.I.A. It has been over a week now since Amy Winehouse cancelled her Coachella gig and rumors were abound as to who, or if, was going to replace her.

This is actually a surprise because last year, if you remember, M.I.A caused a fit with security when she invited a lot of people on stage during her performance and well, the security wasn't having it. They left the house lights on, and she got furious, cursing the heavens above... Almost inciting a riot as some of the people there would say. And it didn't help the situation with her repetitive overuse of that gun-shot sound effect.

I was sure she wasn't going to be invited back to the Coachella music festival (don't get me started about the Grammy's), but here we are a year later. I guess they have made amends. In any case, I am more of a fan of M.I.A music than Amy Winehouse.

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