Will 2009 Be the Best Coachella Ever?

What is this guy smoking? The best Coachella Music Festival of all time? Come on... I assume most of you will be thinking that this year's Coachella will, in no way, compare to the year's past with headliners like Prince, Rage Against the Machine, Radiohead, or even Daft Punk

Yes, this year doesn't have attention grabbing names like those listed above. And it does seem like the crowd, for the most part, has stayed away from picking up tickets as rapidly as the have in the past (probably also do to the ailing economy). However, it doesn't mean it's going to be as bad as many people are making it out to be. It just means that there will be more room to walk around and get through the Empire Polo Fields. Do you remember that Sunday, when Rage Against the Machine played... horrendous amounts of people; bumping into someone every which way you go.

I enjoyed it back in the day where you could walk right up to the box office and get tickets (because they had tickets available, back then), then walk right into the music festival. Now you have to buy them online just to be sure you'll get in.

Anyways, as for the line up, even though I don't know much about Paul McCartney's music, aside from The Beatles, he's pretty much a big deal. How often are you going to have the chance to watch a legend play, even though you like him or not? As for the other headliners; yes, they are repeats, and maybe you've seen them before, but it also gives you the chance to discover other bands that are playing that day.

So, in the end, I am not saying Coachella 2009 will eclipse the best of Coachella music festivals (which is up to debate), but will turn out to be a pretty good one.

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