Is it M.I.A or M.I.A.?

This may be a rather stupid post, but I've come to notice that the London born Sri Lankan singer, slash rapper, M.I.A (two periods) also goes by M.I.A.(three periods). So which is the right one? On wikipedia they suggest it's M.I.A., as well as her official site (although she also uses MIA, without any periods). However, on her myspace she spells it with two periods: M.I.A (and coincidentally her youtube videos on her site spell out M.I.A.).

I told you this was a stupid post...

Anyways, M.I.A is an abbreviation for Missing in Action as well as Missing in Acton (Acton is a place in London). And well, she also goes by the name Maya, all this with a grain of salt according to wikipedia.

Anyways, whatever the case, I think it would be easier if we just leave it as MIA, so I don't have to type in those extra periods.

M.I.A in... Amy Winehouse out of Coachella.

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