5 Ways Pandora Radio Can Be Even More Kick Ass

So you are an avid Pandora music radio fan. Or you've just discovered it. Then you may already notice functions and ideas that they can improve upon to make Pandora internet music radio even more exciting. Here are a few of my notes.

1) Song recognition control. Say if you like a song, and give it a thumbs up, then it will play it again and again. The problem I have, is that Pandora doesn't recognize that song may be on different albums and compilations, so it plays that song a lot more than you'd like. As an example, I typed in the French electronic music band, Daft Punk, and not only does Pandora play their albums, but also live albums, and whatever compilations they may reside on, even if it is the same song. So I'm basically getting a whole lot of Daft Punk simply because they exist on many different albums.

2) Unreleased Tracks. It would be cool if Pandora music could get unreleased tracks that are about to be released, like how regular radio gets songs before they come out. Right now Pandora only gets songs from albums that are already released. Also, with unreleased tracks, you could have the option to pre-order the song if you like it.

3) Keyword association. It would also be cool if you could find music by typing in a keyword description. Say, for instance, you'd like something ambient, then it would choose artists and songs that are closely associated with that adjective you typed in.

4) Pandora in the background. Pandora music can't play on the iPhone with other applications open. It would be a major convenience to have Pandora playing in the background while you message someone or go on the internet. Although, I could see it draining a lot of battery life. Maybe with the iPhone 3.0, this feature might happen. As for now, you can only run one application at a time.

5) Better reception. Right now, this is my biggest bug about using Pandora music on the iPhone or any device. This may have to do more with the cell phone company than with Pandora, but this would be a great improvement. How many times have you gone walking in your neighborhood and Pandora just cuts out, even for a minute. It gets pretty annoying as a minute of radio silence seems like forever. Oh, and the intermittent music streaming in and out, doesn't help either.

The Rise of Pandora Radio


Anonymous said...

other stuff is alright, but i like pandora accessing multiple albums opening me into newer music. And if it repeats a song, you can always go back and skip it. It is really not that hard.

Anonymous said...

i was using my droid to listen to pandora in the car so I couldnt catch a song name that I really liked. I gave it a thumbs up but now I have no way of finding it. It's been hours of listening. and no luck. I don't like this at all.