U2 Tour Dates and Coachella

So... this morning, U2 released their 360˚ tour date information and unsurprisingly there is not a Coachella stop. Actually, their tour starts June 30th in Barcelona, and they will not be hitting the United States until September in Chicago.

Since they don't start touring till June 30th, then what the hell will they be doing till then? Well, a number of things like press and promoting their new album, No Line on the Horizon. Oh yeah, and rehearsing for their tour.

So is there still hope for you Coachella fans? Even though they don't list a Coachella date, maybe they might still be a surprise guest? Doubtful, especially considering if the Chemical Brothers rumor holds true (Click here for that). I don't think Coachella would additionally spend that much more money to get both. To find out more about the U2 rumor click here.

Besides, as I am looking through their tour dates, it seems that U2 isn't playing at any festival any where in the world; they just are playing at stadiums. This is especially fitting since they are constructing a special 360˚ view of the stage. Although, there might still be a slight chance for a Madonna-type, short set appearance. Who knows, anything can happen at Coachella.

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