Coolest Movie Trailers of 2011

The 2010 movie season is done, now on to the Coolest Movie Trailers of 2011... Here they are so far:

Battle: Los Angeles (Trailer) March 11
I like the fact that this trailer is in a different style from most trailers even though the plot has been overdone.

The Tree of Life (Trailer) May 27
Director Terrence Malick back at it again... It'll probably long and boring and overtly poetic, but this trailer makes me a little teary eyed...

Super 8 (Teaser) June 6
Perfect Teaser, doesn't show a lot, but keeps us very interested. Name dropping J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg helps a little too.

Super 8 (Trailer) June 6
I was skeptical about seeing a full trailer that told more about the movie... however, this just makes me want to see Super 8 more even though it looks heavily influenced by Spielberg...

Cowboys and Aliens
(Trailer) July 29
Awesome, a western, with some aliens? what? Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and directed by Jon Favreau... no way... Spielberg's name on this too?

Coolest Movie Trailers of 2010

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Anonymous said...

Love this list. Just looking at http://www.filmcxrave.com/trailers_new.php i is hard to understand what others want.