Coolest Movie Trailers of 2010

Well, it's never to early to start promoting 2010. And so far these are the coolest looking movies (well from their trailers that is) of 2010.

Alice In Wonderland March 5
Some people don't like this trailer because there is too much... ahem... visual effects. "Blasphemy!" I say... However, I still like Tim Burton's style.

Kick-Ass (Hit Girl Trailer) April 16
I saw the first trailer and thought, it looks like it might okay. Then, I saw this red band trailer and was like, "I gotta see this movie now." Yeah its red band so...
Warning: If you're underage ask your parents first before watching.

Inception July 16
I would totally see this movie if this was the only trailer they ever released. The Christopher Nolan trailer leaves you wanting to know more.

Inception (Trailer B) July 16
Well, they decided to release a second trailer, and although it reveals more it still leaves you curious. Hey, I'm not biasing this list on a certain movie, it's a bad-ass trailer.

The Expendables Aug 13
It's just awesome to see all these action stars in one movie. Even a Planet Hollywood reunion.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Trailer B) Aug 13
I like the idea and the quirkiness of this film. Also, Edgar Wright directing (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) helps a little bit.

Tron Legacy December 17
One of the coolest movie trailers I've seen in years. I didn't know what to expect with this film, and now it is on top of my list of movies to see. I just hope the actual movie will meet the high expectations (like all movies with high expectations).

Tron Legacy (Trailer) December 17
This still looks awesome.

True Grit (Feature Trailer) December 25
Looks to be an awesome western movie...

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