8 Bad-Ass Movie Trailers of 2009

You know what I'm talking about... These are the best movie trailers of 2009 (so far), that make me actually want to go out an see the movie. Sorry for those of you that like X-Men Origins: Wolverine or G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, they really didn't do anything for me.

(Feature Trailer)
A damn cool trailer, very slick and stylish. Unfortunately, I still have yet to see the movie, since I've heard some mediocre reviews from it. Yes, I know the first trailer worked well with the Smashing Pumpkins song. However, this trailer explains a bit more and makes great use of a Muse song.

Star Trek
(Feature Trailer)
I am not really a Star Trek fan, but this trailer looks like a big action-packed movie, somewhat of a leap from the Star Trek of the past.

Terminator Salvation
(Trailer B)
The first couple of trailers to this film, I wasn't that impressed. I was like, "McG directing a Terminator... uh oh." However, this trailer has impressive visual effects and shows that it might be a bad-ass action movie.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen
(Teaser Trailer)
The other robot move. Michael Bay seems to know how to make big, kick-ass trailers. This just reminds you about all the visual effects in the first Transformers movie, and how they're spending more money to make it bigger and badder.

Land of the Lost

I didn't know what to expect of this movie when I first heard they were remaking it. After watching this trailer, it looks like a fun, entertaining Summer film.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
(Trailer C)
This trailer for the latest Harry Potter, inches on the dark and tad bit scary... Awesome. Are kids really going to watch this film now?

Where the Wild Things Are

Child at heart... Spike Jonze. One of my most anticipated movies of the year.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Heath Ledger's final film. Terry Gilliam's imagination runs wild here.

Coolest Movie Trailers of 2010

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