10 Most Annoying Songs On The Radio, Summer 2009

It's Summer, and I actually thought it would be hard to find ten more songs on the radio that are annoying. However, here we are and I have found them. So without further adieu, here are the songs on the radio that make me want to change the station or listen to my iPod.

10) Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero
What? I'm sure a lot of you indie fans are pissed off. But let me state that I did like the song when I first heard it. However, I got tired of it quickly because every time she hits the note during the line "you're zero... hero... to go" it just bugs the hell out of me.

9) Britney Spears - If You Seek Amy
This is one of those songs they stuck through a machine. However, it is way too catchy and by the time you want to change the station you've already listened to the entire song.

8) Jeremih - Birthday Sex
This song is actually quite funny.

7) Jamie Foxx - Blame it
What I don't understand, and I know that it is the hot thing to do in pop music these days, but Jamie Foxx can actually sing... So really, does he need to use auto-tune to effect his voice?

6) Flo Rida - Sugar
I actually like parts of the song. However, the part I don't like is the sample of that annoying Blue song from Eiffel 65. It's a risk, but a risk I wish they left out.

5) Kristina DeBarge - Goodbye
Umm... Am I at a sporting event or something? Goes "na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye." really?

4) Plain White T's - 1 2 3 4
Oh man... I'm too old for this..

3) The Veronicas - Take Me on the Floor
I guess I'm not a teenage girl.

2) Black Eye Peas - I Gotta Feeling
This song actually starts off great; good melody and nice basslines. This is all thanks to the teaming up with French producer David Guetta (What? Cool... I know). However, once the rap vocals enter, it sounds like a totally different song... not in a good way. It only gets worse in the bridge when they echo every last word as if it's supposed to be cool. Guetta's own remix is better as it only leaves in the good parts.

1) Glee Cast - Don't Stop Believing
I actually have not heard this on the radio yet. Hopefully it wont come to it. I've seen the TV commercial for that TV show and it made me change the station and not ever want to see the show. Thanks for ruining a classic Journey song.

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Anonymous said...

Some of these songs I have heard over 1 million times.
The music directors have no life. They can't play more than one song?