Album Review: Kings of Leon - Only By The Night

Kings of Leon's latest album Only By The Night, is the band's most successful album to date. With radio overplayed-songs like Use Somebody and Sex on Fire, I'm pretty sure you've heard of them by now.

As for the album, if you do like those two songs mentioned, then you'll most likely like it also. I liked Sex on Fire when it first came out, but soon became very overplayed here... only to be followed by Use Somebody. And I rarely listen to the radio. And apparently they are huge in the UK as compared to the USA, since they are a US band.

Anyways, what I like about Kings of Leon, is the instrumentation and the music they produce; it sounds ethereal and very different from any Southern rock band in their genre. However, my only caveat, albeit a major one, is that the lead singer's voice hits that raspy note which gets on my nerves from time to time. And an entire album of that, made for a hard listen through.
Top Songs: Closer, Sex on Fire
2.5 out of 5

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