Sandra Bullock is back on Top

This weekend, two new movies battled out what was left of The Hangover and Pixar's Up. And it actually turned into a pretty strong one as Sandra Bullock's The Proposal led the way taking in almost $35 million. And while the other new contender, Jack Black and Michael Cera's stone age comedy, Year One, garnered horrid reviews, still managed to rake in $20 million.

Weekend Estimates:
The Proposal: $34.1 million ($34.1 million total)
The Hangover: $26.9 million ($153 million total)
Up: $21.3 million ($224.1 million total)
Year One: $20.2 million ($20.2 million total)
The Taking of Pelham 123: $11.3 million ($43.3 million total)


The Proposal
Pros: Sandra Bullock's money maker is the romantic comedy genre, looks appealing to the older female market.
Cons: We've seen this movie before, many-ah-times.

Year One
Pros: Funny man Jack Black and Michael Cera seem to be doing well lately.
Cons: Will their star power be enough for the stiff competition from The Hangover?

My Predictions:
Year One: $26 million
The Hangover: $21 million
Up: $20 million
The Proposal: $18 million
The Taking of Pelham 123: $12 million

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