The Most Annoying Songs on the Radio, Spring 2010

I honestly thought I wasn't gonna do another list of annoying songs because, well... it became too easy and too negative (I could practically just turn on the radio and list the next 20 songs played). There are a lot of songs that I don't like, that sound like every other song on the radio. I figured I've outgrown this pop-radio machine-label-warranted mess (But kids today love this stuff so that's who these songs are made for).

However... I have heard a few songs recently which really irked my fashion. Songs that stand out so far in the realm of annoying that I decided I had to make another list. Here are the most annoying songs on the radio of spring 2010.

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5) We Are The World Remake
It goes: "We are the World, We are the Children."
I am going to get a lot of flack for this one... I actually thought twice, no... three times, about putting this on here. I have nothing against helping other people (in fact go to World25.org to donate) but come on... even Jay-Z believes the same thing. There were cool parts, like leaving Michael Jackson in. However, the whole forced-rap-section just-to-be-trendy, is very out of place. Also, still using Autotune on a couple of artists, really? That is sooo two years ago.

4) Black Eye Peas - Imma Be
It goes: "Imma Be, Imma Be, Imma Be."
These guys seem too make a lot of my lists, how exciting for them. Umm... I think there are only two words in this song. Imma Be, Imma Be, Imma be turning the station. Imma Be, Imma Be, Imma be listening to my CD. Imma Be, Imma Be, Imma be listening to my iPod.

4) LMFAO - Shots
It goes: "Shots, shots, shots, shots."
I got an idea. Let's make a song about all the different kind of shots we throw down and how it makes girls panties fall to the floor. And let's put it to an annoying track. Hey, how bout we shoot a music video featuring girls in bikinis and we'll give them shots, getting them all drunk and hammered. Awesome, let's shoot it in Vegas.

2) Owl City - Fireflies
It goes: "something about planet earth and fireflies."
Look at me I have a sensitive side, and I sound like The Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie. Ooh, the girls will love me because I'm sensitive.
Just so you know, I do like the Postal Service, but can't say the same for the later. This song just makes me want to punch someone. Yes it hits that annoying nerve, that makes my arm start swing.

1) Ke$ha - Blah Blah Blah
It goes: take one guess...
I can't believe I wasted the time to include the $ sign in her name. Scientists say that after listening to this song you'll lose brain cells. I rather take a swig of alcohol. Seriously, this is one of those times where I'd say "this is what the kids are listening to these days?" The worst part of the song is it's ├╝ber catchy pop annoyance.

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