Coachella 2010: What Happened to Single Day Tickets?

Yup, no single day tickets for Coachella. As if you haven't heard by now, it'll cost you $269 if you were to go a single day. Actually, it comes out to $303.60 with service charges and all the shinanigans. That much for a single day? That's outrageous. Well, it's technically for a 3 day pass, but since they aren't selling single day tickets, that's the price you have to pay.

This decision was largely due to the fact that 80% of concert goers opt for the multi-day passes ever since Coachella expanded to three days in 2007, according Paul Tollett (head honcho of Coachella). Also...

"The thing is," Tollett said, "there’s a lack of hotels in the Coachella Valley, and most have a three-day minimum. Many times what happens is people get a hotel for the three days, and only go to Coachella for one or two of the days. They hit Friday and Saturday, and go home or rest at the hotel on Sunday. That’s no problem, but the problem with that is that there are people who want that hotel and are going for three days

This decision has not been taken favorably by Coachella's network of fans. In fact, it inspired an online petition located on none other than the social network giant, Facebook. It already has drawn almost 6 thousand members (Dude, that's like $600,000 if they all went one day. But imagine if we can persuade them to buy three day passes, that would be gold). Their biggest complaint is that most people, in today's economical environment, would have a hard time paying for all three days. Especially, when they can't afford to take the time off to attend all three days.

This is specifically noted for Friday's festivities: Living in Los Angeles and assuming people get off work at five or six, hitting rush hour traffic would be horrific; probably taking up half the night getting there. Although, you'd probably just make it in time for Jay-z's performance.

I would also assume most people would just drive out one day, like Saturday, and head back that same night so there would be no need for a hotel and other accommodation expenses. Making this a nice weekend getaway. Well, I guess you could camp. yeah...

There's also families that attend Coachella and a 3 day ticket for a family of four will become very costly, especially when it will be very likely that kids will not last for all three days.

Despite these complaints, many others believe that the 3 day ticket will encourage truer music fans to attend, rather than the one-day getaway city-folk. You know, because they're the ones that have ruined Coachella in the past.

Anyways, whatever side of the fence you are on. This will all come down to money. If ticket sales for Coachella are floundering, then they will probably release single day tickets. And honestly, it has sounded like the Coachella buzz has significantly died off since January, although it will probably pick back up again later this month.

If they do release single day tickets, I'm sure their would be a lot of pissed off people too. From the ones who already bought their 3 day passes and were only planning on attend maybe two days, or possibly even one.

I guess you can't make everyone happy. Yes... and that's today's lesson.

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