Coachella 2010 Has SOLD OUT?

Yes, as of today, Coachella 2010 has sold out. If you head on over to the Ticketmaster website you'll notice the Sold Out signage.

So much for those that thought this year was going to be one of the weakest years, since they haven't really signed a huge artist on the levels of Paul McCartney, Prince, Rage Against the Machine and more in the years past. Also, noting that this year they decided to get rid of the single day tickets and make event goers opt for the three day pass, which is considerably more expensive. So petitions alike, couldn't astray Coachella from their three day ticket plan. I guess, if all is true, then it worked.

Coachella could, of course, be limiting the number of 3-day passes this year compared to overall ticket sales in the past. But let's not jump on the sales/marketing speculation-bandwagon just so yet. With Coachella's rising popularity over the years and strong fan base it's no wonder the yearly event is now sold out. You can still buy tickets at the box-office the day of the event, which will be pro-rated. Possibly, you pay for three days if you get there Friday, two days for Saturday, and one day for Sunday. So if you don't have tickets, you still might be able to get in. There's always scalpers... just an option.

Single Day tickets?

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