Is Coachella for You? 18 Questions to ask Yourself

Have you always wanted to go to the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, but have never actually made the trek? Are you on the fence about attending this year? Well, here are 18 questions to ask yourself, to see if Coachella really is for you:

  1. Do you like being around a lot of people?
  2. Do you like being around a lot of sweaty people?
  3. Can you handle being around people that don't wear deodorant?
  4. Can you handle 90˚ or possible 100˚ weather?
  5. If you have seasonal allergies, can you keep them under control?
  6. Do you like spending all day and all night in one place?
  7. Do you like to walk a lot? I mean a lot, a lot?
  8. Then dancing on top of that?
  9. Are you okay with getting second hand high blown in your face?
  10. Do you have at least $300 to spend for tickets?
  11. Are you okay with paying jacked up rates for a hotel in the area?
  12. Or do you like camping?
  13. Can you handle waiting to park your car, for at least an hour?
  14. Can you handle waiting in line for an hour to get inside?
  15. Can you handle using port-a-potties?
  16. Are you good at spotting celebrities?
  17. Do you like coming home from Coachella and telling everyone "you should have gone, because it was soo awesome?"
  18. And most of all... Do you like music?

If you said yes to all of these, then I'm surprised you don't have your ticket yet. If you have a few no's, then suck it up and enjoy the new experience.

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