8 Tips You Should Know Before Entering the Coachella Forum

The Coachella Music and Arts Festival, has amassed a huge following. And if you head on over to the Coachella message board, there are a lot of fans commenting and chatting about music...

The Coachella forum is a place where like minded individuals can converse about music. A place where there is a natural flow of the music community... umm, yeah??? I'll just stop right there. I would like to think so, anyhow.

Just like any other forum, there are always comments and posts that are somewhat unabashed and abrasive. You know, it is people speaking their mind from the anonymity of their own avatar. I actually find it quite entertaining to read these comments because they are unfiltered and chivalry is pretty much thrown out the window. Anyways, for those of you that are ready to mingle on the Coachella Festival message board (or forum), here are 8 tips you should know before entering the Coachella Forum (so you don't get a heart attack).

1) Everyone Hates Your Favorite Band
Never have I read so many people hating each other's favorite bands. One person will say, "Muse is awesome," and immediately someone will post a rebuttal, "they sold out and they suck worse than U2."

2) Everyone Hates the Headliner
Every year, new Coachella headliners... new breading hate for them. "Red Hot Chili Peppers? Are you kidding me? Jack Johnson... WTF is this Bro-chella? Radiohead? Their newest album blows." It's funny because these headliners help keep Coachella a float.

3) They are all in Bands that will Never Make it Big.
Who else but small time musicians, struggling artists, can complain and hate this much on better, well known bands?

4) They hate the notion of "Selling Out."
They're into the most underground new band that no one's ever heard of... but when a year passes and that same band makes it big at Coachella, they immediately shelve that band saying "I liked them a year ago when they were cool... but since they're popular now, they suck."

5) Everyone thinks they have the Best Taste in Music.
Yes they do, there is no sense in trying to persuade anyone to your side.

6) Everyone takes Comments Soo Personally.
There have been so many fire bombs and cat fights derived from people hating each other's music tastes.

7) Always Talk About How it was Better in the Ole' Days.
You can tell this person is getting old... when they say, "I was there when Coachella only had 60 thousand people. It's all stuffy and too popular now."

8) It Doesn't matter in the End.
Because even if they can hate all the bands playing at Coachella, they will still end up going to it... Besides you can always log off the computer.

I hope this insight doesn't lead you astray from entering the Coachella Forum jungle... It's actually fun... and despite it all they are all like minded people.

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