Los Angeles, the New Home of House Music?

The folks over at Brand X have just written an interesting article on the rise of the Los Angeles house scene and how it has become a big player in dance music across the board, especially when over 180,000 people packed into the Electric Daisy Carnival over the Summer. However, this newly fangled popularity (or maybe long time coming) is not without it's drawbacks, as many underground fans have expressed. When asked about their breakthrough, one third of the Swedish House Mafia, Steve Angello (who resides in L.A. now) states:

“We've had a great reaction, although there are those people who say, ‘Oh I liked “One,” but it's too commercial now.' What? It's the same track. It sounds just as good now as it did before.”

Maybe those people were referring to the over commercialization of that track... an underground house tune which has blown up to become very popular. But maybe the popularity is a good thing, even for more underground house music in general. With acts like Lady Gaga and her pop electro beats and Kanye West sampling Daft Punk, like it or not, it is putting dance music in the forefront. As Claude VonStroke says:

“I mean, it's like, I can say that [a] track sucks, and [it] might suck, but it's helping me. It's like, if a dance track becomes the No. 1 track in America, that's good for dance music.”

But will this dance music phenomenon be here to stay? That is the question that Brand X further delegates. Mainly because this new dance resurgence likens that to disco (and we all know where that went), and house music is an extension from disco... So where does that leave us electronic dance fans? Read the rest of the in depth Brand X article here.

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