Megmind Stops an Unstoppable Train

The animated family film Megamind, easily stopped an Unstoppable train dead in it's tracks. As for Skyline and Morning Glory, they fizzled a bit, even though Skyline's reported budget is only $10 million (really? then it is pretty good effects for a $10 million film).

Weekend Estimates:
  1. Megamind: $30.1 million ($89.8 million total) Budget: $130 million
  2. Unstoppable: $23.5 million ($23.5 million total) Budget: $100 million
  3. Due Date: $15.5 million ($59 million total) Budget: $65 million
  4. Skyline: $11.7 million ($11.7 million total) Budget: $10 million
  5. Morning Glory: $9.6 million ($12.2 million total) Budget: $40 million

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A moving train, alien invaders, and a morning news show, all try to become box office gold this weekend.

Flop Factor: 50%
Pros: Early reviews are positive so far...
Cons: Really... a train that can't slow down? I already saw this movie, instead it was a bus.

Flop Factor: 60%
Pros: It looks like it cost a lot of money.
Cons: No name actors... visual effects look like visual effects, and from the directors of Aliens vs Predator (well I guess this could be a pro, depending on your taste).

Morning Glory

Flop Factor: 60%
Pros: Harrison Ford... created by J.J. Abrahms' Bad Robot company.
Cons: Trailer doesn't interest me in the least bit.

My Predictions:
Megamind: $30 million
Unstoppable: $18 million
Skyline: $16 million
Due Date: $15 million
Morning Glory: $12 million

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