Tron Legacy Overhyped?

Yes... let's calm down a bit. There's this little movie coming out called Tron Legacy and it's being marketed heavily... perhaps a little too heavily.

When I first saw the Comic Con promo last year I was literally blown away. I was sold from that point on. Disney eventually released an actual trailer earlier this year and I was still blown away because I learned more about the film and got a snippet of the story. Since then, Disney has released countless of newer trailers revealing more and more about the plot and new visual effects scenes, which is detracting away from the mystery of the film.

Seriously, there better be surprisingly mind-blowingly new scenes in the movie that's not depicted in any of the trailers. I, for one, wasn't too impressed when they revealed a CGI version of a young Jeff Bridges... but as someone told me, "this is Tron, based in a computer game, so it makes sense." Hopefully it does, because he does look like a digital character.

Disney has also created Tron Tuesdays, a day in which they release new footage, clips, artwork, songs, from the Tron Legacy movie until it comes out. They've even hired Daft Punk to score the music, and are fully promoting them also. Tron and Daft Punk is the perfect match, but never before have I wanted to get a soundtrack to a movie way before it's release. Is that a good thing? I don't know... knowing the score to a movie before I even see it?

All I know is that Tron Legacy's marketing is everywhere. Disney doesn't need to create new trailers that show more of the plot and the visual effects... everyone is sold on the movie, already! I'm wondering, since Disney is over-marketing this movie, they must really want to make a lot of money... and that makes me question how good the movie may actually be... Tron Legacy will probably deliver in the cool factor, but I am not expecting it to blow me away. And despite this whole article, Yes, I am definitely seeing this film in 3D, unless it gets totally panned by critics.

Do you think there's too much Tron Legacy everywhere?

Here's the newest trailer if you dare....

Hans Zimmer touching Up Daft Punk's Tron Legacy Score?

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