5 Reasons Why Twilight is Good for Guys

We all know girls all over the world rave about the Twilight franchise as if it were the among the greatest stories every told. They swoon and lust after Edward and Jacob while you, the boyfriends, roll your eyes in disgust. This would be all a different story if the movies were actually any good right? We are going to have to endure this phenomenon for the next few years so rather than complaining we might as well learn something from it. Here are 5 reasons why the Twilight franchise is good for us men.

1) Hitting the Gym
Seriously, after watching these films, especially New Moon, what girl is gonna want to go out with a slob. They say two thirds of Americans are over-weight, and this is a good motivational tool (albeit image conscious one) to get up off the couch and burn calories so we can look like their beloved vampire or wolf boy. Thus, all leading to a healthier society. Hey, we always wanted those 6-pack abs anyway right?

2) In Touch with Sensitive Side.
Times are changing people. Gone are the days of the rugged, tough, macho guys. This generation's man is sensitive. But not too sensitive, obviously... we still want to play for the same team (well some of you anyway). We just have to learn to define a line between our sensitivity and the fact that we will still fight for our woman... battling whatever comes our way: wolves, vampires, dragons (oh wait, there's no dragons in this franchise).

3) You'll get Laid More.
Come on... your girlfriend knows you hate this whole Twilight phenomenon (if you love this franchise, then I don't know what to say to you) and if you go see it with her, that's definitely bonus points in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

4) Mysterious is still in.
Being tall, dark and mysterious is still the norm. Edward barely says much in the movie, but wins over Bella easily. It's all through subtle communication. Thus, we can learn more psychological dynamics that engage a girl with the littlest but most poignant of clues, leaving her wanting more. Just don't be a crazed-mute-stalker... unless you want mace in your face. This option probably wouldn't work either if you weren't appealing to the eyes in some way... so work on number one.

5) Puts your mind at ease...
...Knowing your girl is at a Twilight event than anywhere else. Going to a Twilight screening/event vs a night on the town with the girls?.. You can be rest assured a Twilight event, because, well... the Twilight fan base is girls. Even if there were guys at Twilight events what kind of girl would consider going out with a guy that's in love with Twilight (Although this might not hold true if your girlfriend meets and hits it off with Robert Pattinson; Yup, you're pretty much doomed).

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