Why Twilight is the Best Movie Franchise Ever (From a Studio's Point of View)

8 Reasons why Twilight is the Best Movie Franchise Ever (From a Studio's Point of View)

The Twilight saga is such a crazy phenomenon that is almost unfathomable of how successful it is, without it's material really being all that great. Sure, there are other worse franchises that make a boat load of money, but here are 8 reasons why the Twilight Saga is the biggest goldmine of them all.

1) Crazy Fans
Twilight has obsessive fans that will buy anything Twilight related. These so called Twi-hards are so wired to this franchise that it will ensure box office gold... ahem platinum, every time. So you don't have to worry about franchise burnout.

2) It's Only Four Books
But I guess now it is five movies, since they decided to split the last one. The problem with most franchises is that they usually burnout after the second film in a series. Harry Potter had to face that problem, their third film, Azkaban (albeit my favorite one) made the least of any Harry Potter film. However, over the years they managed to keep the rest of the series strong and didn't succumb to a franchise burnout (even though I don't remember 4 and 5).

3) Tapped into an Untapped Female Fan Base
Who would have known that Twilight would uncover a huge female fan base that remained hidden over the years. You may think it would just be teenage girls, but it actually goes all the way up to the moms themselves.

4) It's Critic Proof
Really... Twilight got many mediocre reviews (Actually getting 50% on rottentomatoes) but still managed to pull in $392 million worldwide. New Moon, on the other hand, managed to get much worse reviews (29% on rottentomatoes), but managed to rake in over $709 million worldwide. Eclipse having been just released, is getting better reviews than its predecessors (51% on rottentomatoes) and is already breaking box office records. So I guess you don't have to set the bar too high, just make sure your release them.

5) It's Cheap
Twilight cost about $38 million. New Moon cost $50 million. Eclipse cost about $68 million. So do the math... Now compare this to another crazy franchise, the Harry Potter series, where The Half Blood Prince cost about $250 million (made over $933 million worldwide). Though Harry Potter cost a lot more to produce, and made more at the box office, the Twilight Saga is a "no-brainer." The risk isn't that high, but the gains are even higher. And with Twilight gaining more popularity all over the world, it's profits will surely go up.

6) Don't need A Famous Actor
Speaking of saving on money... you don't need to throw in a famous face to bring an audience to this franchise. Because it's all about the characters. As long as you have the beloved Robert Pattinson as Edward, this movie will bank lots of money.

7) Merchandise
You think the movies are just it. Imagine how they can sell more merchandise... How bout making a whole campaign for Team Edward and Team Jacob? These crazy teenage girls will pick sides and buy as much of their favorite character as they can afford.

8) Guys and Film Critics Hate It
Perfect. This will give the female fan base even more connection with each other. Lambasting critics and guys everywhere by saying, "they just don't get it." Thus, further giving praise and admiration to the entire Twilight Saga.

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