Toys Story 3 Remains On Top

On track to possibly become the biggest movie of the year, Toy Story 3 remained at the top spot of the box office this weekend with about $60 million. Thus, easily knocking off newcomers Grown Ups and Knight and Day.

The Adam Sandler comedy Grown Ups, did well (taking in just over $40 million) especially since it's reviews are some of the worst of the year (I guess audiences don't really care about how good a movie is when it comes to Adam Sandler films).

As for the Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz film, Knight and Day, it's having major trouble finding an audience, raking in only $20 million over the weekend. Makes me wonder why the hell did they release that film mid-week... no one knew it even came out.

Weekend Estimates:
  1. Toy Story 3: $59 million ($226.6 million total) Budget: $200 million
  2. Grown Ups: $41 million ($41 million) Budget: $75 million
  3. Knight and Day: $20.5 million ($27.8 million total) Budget: $107 million
  4. The Karate Kid: $15.4 million ($135.6 million total) Budget: $40 million
  5. The A-Team: $6 million ($62.8 million total) Budget: $110 million

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A couple new movies hit theaters this weekend trying to fend off the Toy Story mania.

Knight and Day

Why it might be a hit: Looks like a fun action comedy. And Tom Cruise as an asshole? Perfect.
Why it might tank: Like most over-bloated action movies this Summer, audiences may wait for rental on this one.

Grown Ups
Why it might be a hit: The old school gang is back. Adam Sandler has a pretty good track record despite critics not liking them.
Why it might tank: Audiences may actually listen to critics this time around.

My Predictions:
Toy Story 3: $68 million
Grown Ups: $38 million
Knight and Day: $27 million
The Karate Kid: $17 million
The A-Team: $8 million

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