Cloudy Meatballs Weathers Through the Competition

Bruce Willis' Surrogate adventure and even those kids seeking Fame, couldn't knock off last week's numero uno, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs from the top spot this weekend, as it only dropped off 19% from last weekend.

Meanwhile Pandorum turned in a measly 6th place with barely $4.5 million, despite it's indie sci-fi horror marketing plan.

Also Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story managed to pick up $240,000 from only 4 theaters. I'd say that's pretty good, even with mediocre reviews. But, we'll see what happens when I goes into wide release.

Weekend Estimates:
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: $24.6 million ($60 million total)
Surrogates: $15 million ($15 million total)
Fame: $10 million ($10 million total)
The Informant!:$6.9 million ($21 million total)
I Can Do Bad All By Myself: $4.8 million ($44.5 million total)
A few new movies open this weekend as Bruce Willis battles those intrepid fame seekers.

Why it might be a hit: A remake of the 80's version
Why it might tank: Do kids these day's really want to see this movie?

Why it might be a hit: Bruce Willis in a sci-fi, I, Robot -ish movie.
Why it might tank: Doesn't have that cool sci-fi look like Blade Runner, Minority Report, or Twelve Monkeys.

Why it might be a hit: District 9 was an unexpected low-budget sci-fi hit.
Why it might tank: Lack of marketing. I have not seen many commercials for this film.

My Predictions:
Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs: $17 million
Surrogates: $14 million
Fame: $12 million
Pandorum: $7 million
The Informant!: $6 million

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