Album Review: Gus Gus: 24/7

Gus Gus's latest album may have only six songs, however, they all add up to over 52 minutes. Yes, it is filled with super long songs, actually some of them seem like two songs in one. You may be thinking, "10 minutes for a song is way too long for listening." That's what I thought too. However, I think I've listened to 24/7 over a handful of times now. It is quite hypnotic, listening to the techy, housey, Gus Gus sounds while you are driving around a lot. This album is probably not for everyone as it is not as distinctive as their previous efforts, but still a good listen if you are a major Gus Gus fan.
TOP TUNES: There's only six songs so I thought I'd skip this.
3.5 out of 5

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