6 Memorable Kanye Outbursts

Oh, that Kanye. As you all probably know by now, Kanye West's latest outburst at the 2009 Video Music Awards wasn't his only one. In fact, his infamous tirades has become just as popular as the music he makes. It all could be one giant PR push, especially since MTV has gone to the gutter and needs all the noise it can muster. However, bad publicity can only take you so far, before it starts blowing up in your face. The boys over at South Park even devoted an entire episode to the Kanye West antics.

In my decision to compile a list of the top Kanye outbursts I realized that there were much more than I initially thought there were. So unfortunately I left some out (like his walking out of the 2004 American Music Awards because he "was the best artist of the year" didn't win) and just rounded out the top 6:

6) 2008 Bonnaroo. Kanye West got booed at Bonnaroo 2008 for coming on at 4:30 in the morning (yes, 4:30 in the morning) and delivering a mediocre set. Kanye went off on the Bonnaroo organizers. I still can't find a decent video that depicted the whole event, but here you go. Click Here for more.

5) 2008 Los Angeles International Airport. I don't care much for the paparazzi either, but apparently neither does Kanye.

4) 2005 Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief.
"Bush doesn't care about black people." oh man... Just look at Mike Meyer's reaction and the abrupt cut to Chris Tucker. Awkward... awkward moment.

3) 2007 MTV Video Awards. Kanye loses after receiving 5 nominations. Also apparently pissed about not opening the show because of Britney Spears' come back.

2) 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Kanye gets on stage and disses Taylor Swift's best music video win. This isn't downright profane as his others, but the fact he just decided to share his opinion on live television while in someone else's moment, is pretty self indulgent.

1) 2006 European MTV Music Awards. The first time I've seen one of Kanye's outburts. "Hell, no... my video cost a million dollars and had Pamela Anderson in it."

Now we can all imagine what tirades Kanye West will produce for us in the times to come.

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