2010 Coachella Rumors

Since Coachella 2009 is officially over, it's time to start the 2010 line-up rumor bandwagon. Hey, it's not too early to start, even though you have to wait until January for the official 2010 Coachella line-up. So without further adieu, here are the current crop of rumors. And many more will be added later. So keep checking back.

Muse - Released a new album in 2009 and is currently on tour with U2. So possibly they might do their own tour with Coachella as one of their dates.
The Rolling Stones - Yeah, I know.
Phoenix - There was a tweet from the band, supposedly.
The Strokes - Also have a new album on the way.
Radiohead - When is Radiohead ever not on a rumored list?
Daft Punk - Goldenvoice loves them, and they are supposedly touring in 2010.
David Bowie - Goldenvoice always tries to get him every year... Probably even number one on their wishlist.
The Arcade Fire - seems like the stereotypical Coachella success story. And they are ready to play again.
The Pixies - Has always been one of Coachella's main bands, and it seems they are working on something new.
Basement Jaxx - They have a new album coming out soon and are long overdue for a return to Coachella.
Blur - reunited in 2008 and headlining Glastonbury in 2009. No confirmed album coming out, but they are playing huge gigs this year.
Röyksopp - Just released an album earlier this year, with another, more ambient, slated for release later this year. Missed Coachella 2009 so might make an appearance of 2010.
Kings of Leon - They played every other music festival this past year, except for Coachella. A very mainstream band that could no doubt, fit with Coachella.

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Anonymous said...

Muse is playing foshow

Anonymous said...



thats all i need (:

i hope the killers will consider playing there again...they were FUCKING AMAZING
hands down. (:

Jessica Covert said...


Anonymous said...

Kings Of Leon played Coachella previously right before Sex On Fire came out... I could see them playing to show their roots that were spawned by coachella.

Anonymous said...

the yeah yeah yeahs have to play

Unknown said...

Don't forget Silversun Pick-ups-they go out on the road soon with Muse and they are an excellent festival band-saw them @ Outside Lands in SF & they were beyond amazing!